1. Aircraft Handling

  • a) Marshalling

  • b) Safety measures

  • c) Moving of aircraft

  • d) Ramp to flight deck communication

2. Aircraft Servicing

  • a) Cabin Equipment

  • b) Routine & Non-Routing Services

3. Loading and Unloading

  • a) Loading and unloading of passenger baggage

  • b) Transshipment of passenger baggage

  • c) Operation of loading/unloading equipment

  • d) Position and removing of passenger stairs/bridges

  • e) Emplane/deplane passengers

  • f) Bussing of passengers/crew

  • g) Bulk loading/unloading of baggage

  • h) Load control

4. Cargo handling services at Airside

(excluding Cargo Terminal/Warehouse Activities; Cargo Terminals/Warehouse will include Domestic Air Cargo Terminal, International Cargo Terminal, Courier, Transit/Transshipment terminal and Cold Storages etc.)

  • a) Loading, off-loading, export, import and transshipment cargo to/from the aircraft.

  • b) Operate/provide/arrange essential equipment for handling of cargo

  • c) Transshipment of cargo

  • d) Bulk loading or unloading to/from the aircraft.

Traffic Handling

1. Terminal Services

  • a) Handling documents and load control

  • b) Passenger and baggage handling at the airport terminals

  • c) Traffic services at the airport terminals including passenger check-in

2. Flight Operations

  • a) Flight preparation at the airport of departure

  • b) Communication system association with ground handling

3. Surface Transport

  • a) Arrangement for the transportation of passengers/baggage and cargo between separate terminals at the same airport


  • RAMP & Passenger Service

  • Load Control And Flight Operations

  • General Aviation Services

  • GSE Technical

  • Baggage Handling Services

  • APRON Taxiway And Turn Around Services

  • Lounge Services

  • May I Help You And Meet & Greet Services

  • Airlines Representation, ADM And Supervision & Comprehensive Services

Other Allied Services

  • May I help u Desk

  • Meet & Greet Services

  • Trolly Management

  • Lounge Services

  • Cargo and Ware house services

  • GSA services
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